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Throwback Tuesday: Keepin' it Seventies

I guess I'm in the mood for feathered hair and strange accents from the United Kingdom, so I will move from Birmingham, England's E.L.O. on to Swansea, Wales' Badfinger.

Truly one of the great power pop acts of the Seventies, stateside they've been somewhat forgotten. Or, when they are remembered, they're remembered for their sad biography. (The band's demise involved corrupt management and resulting bankruptcy, and a suicide by singer Pete Ham. Almost a decade later, long after Badfinger had been disbanded, but after a recent argument over publishing rights, guitarist Tom Evans would also take his own life).

But what makes this especially tragic is how talented this band was. And if you put aside all that, what you hear are happy, if sometimes wistful and bittersweet paeans to love, over a pleasantly roughed-up guitar sound.

In fact, Badfinger showed so much promise, they were signed to the Beatles' Apple imprint in 1969. With the former Fab Four's support, the group's star rose, and in some cross-germination, various members played on Beatles' solo projects like George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass," John Lennon's "Imagine," and more.

Here's one shining example from the group's abbreviated songbook -- "No Matter What," and I'll-stick-by-ya tune featuring Ham's soulful, husky vocals. This clip is taken from the Seventies late-night variety show The Midnight Special, and was recorded on March 2, 1973. -- Arielle Castillo

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