Last week, our sister blog Crossfade announced that Sonic Youth founding member, general indie/rock impresario, and South Florida native Thurston Moore, would be headlining KURT, "a multi-discipline exhibition and study of the late Kurt Cobain," set to take place this December during Art Basel. 

Thurston Moore's Top 10 Greatest Non-Sonic Youth Hits

Hey, smells like Basel to us. Sonic Youth may be in limbo, but Thurston remains Thurston.

Here's a look at our favorite Moore moments, excluding Sonic Youth.

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10. Thurston Moore: Into Black Metal

The Internet is a fast-paced pervert. And if you want to stay relevant, you need to keep that greaseball sonuvabitch on a short leash. Thurston Moore keeps the Internet on a short leash. We know this is true because he plays in a black metal band called, "Twilight." Do you hate this more or less than Liturgy? We like both

9. Thurston Moore: Solo Artist

Hey if you like the poppy, angular jangle of Da Youf's driving, shoegaze-y rock, you will probably enjoy Thurson's trio of solo albums. As for his free-diddle noise jamming? Less ubiquitously enjoyed. But more on that later.

8. Thurston Moore: Talking Head

Yo, Thurston is an authority. Cause he was there, inventing It or watching someone else invent It. His record collection is bigger than The Library of Congress, but with more Harry Pussy 7''s.

7. Thurston Moore: Record Label Executive

Ecstatic Peace!, Moore's 30-plus year old record imprint, casts a wide net. He's released everything from harsh noise to Miami natives Monotract to reissues of Andrew W.K.'s instrumental piano Cadillac-themed concept album.

6. Thurston Moore vs. Nardwuar

This is technically related to Sonic Youth. But the centerpiece isn't music. It's Grade A, top shelf, blue ribbon shit-talking. And while all of his bandmates get their licks in on poor Nardwuar, it's Thurston Moore who delivers repeated Stone Cold Stunners.

5. Thurston Moore: Music Video Director
Did you know he directed the music video for Pavement's "Here?" Thurston Moore is the godfather of indie rock. To quote Ian MacKaye the guy who invented hardcore, emo, and straight-edge, "What the fuck have you done?"

4. Thurston Moore: Noise Dude

Depending on your tolerance for avant-harsh, the above clip is either an anti-drug commercial or an abstractly coded endorsement of Mary Jane, Lucy, Molly, and all those other kinda girls, if ya know what we mean.

3. To Live and Shave in Thurston Moore

Right before cult Miami noise outfit, To Live and Shave in L.A. -- founded by vocalist Tom Smith and South Florida music fixture, Rat Bastard -- imploded for, like, the third or fourth time, it swelled to super group status with the addition of freak music vets like Moore, producer Don Fleming, and, yes, Andrew W.K.

2. Thurston Moore: Narrator

We're tellin' you, Thurston knows his shit. Or at least he sounds like he does. Take a peak at "Hard Times" on National Geographic and tell us that voice isn't convincing.

1. Ciccone Youth

This bizzaro-world Sonic Youth side-project featuring The Minutemen's Mike Watt had two modes: Nimrod free-skronk and Madonna worship.

KURT. With Thurston Moore, a dance performance by Ryan Heffington, and a short film by Adarsha Benjamin. Presented by the Friends of Gusman-Red Curtain Series, Olympia Theater, and Onward Forward. Thursday, December 6. Gusman Center for the Performing Arts, 174 E. Flagler St., Miami. The event begins at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $25 to $50 via tickets.gusmancenter.org. Call 305-372-0925 or visit gusmancenter.org.

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