T.I. Still Behind Bars

It's a little, well known fact, depending on where you get your news from these days, that Atlanta rapper T.I. is in jail. He was arrested for illegally attempting to purchase machine guns from an undercover agent.

I'm not sure why T.I. is trying to be all Charleston Heston on us. Besides, it's all about revolvers buddy. Automatics jam at the wrong time.

Anyways, he was recently denied bail this week and apparently entered the courtroom in leg shackles and handcuffs. Fear of black men, the animilization of the alpha-negro, hip-hop police..etc all come to mind. As does Atlanta--Michael Vick, DJ Drama--and humiliation. But my mind drifts, stay with me.

The point is, T.I. is going to need some Michael Vick type of money to get out of this one. And unless he was completely set up on this one--not entirely impossible, this is just a bonehead move that gives hip-hop even more of a black eye than it already has.

Read more about the story here. --Jonathan Cunningham

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