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Tim McGraw - Cruzan Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach - July 11

Cowboy boots and skimpy duds were the look of the evening at Tim McGraw's Cruzan Amphitheatre show. This Friday, the singer stopped by West Palm Beach on his Sundown Heaven Town Tour. Tailgaters stumbled onto the lawn with freshly poured beers and taco drunchies from the food trucks, awaiting McGraw's arrival.

The legendary cowboy's silhouette hit the stage first. He fist-pumped in a black and white video. The opening song was "One of Those Nights," but it came with sound issues -- the singer sounded muffled, like a speaker had blown. But nothing was stopping McGraw from rocking on the eve on the supermoon.

He donned tight ripped jeans, a black tank top, and cowboy hat, and brought maximum energy. The audience didn't seem to mind and gladly complied when McGraw said he wanted "everyone on their feet." Excuse us for being direct, but with him looking that fine, how could we not?

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Next he launched into the classics "Real Good Man" and "I Like It, I Love It" without hesitation. Some guys that work at KISS Country gladly sang alongside him onstage. The concert momentarily took a more sentimental note with "Red Ragtop" and picked up again with a few more upbeat numbers, including the feelgood tune "Southern Girl." Judging by the video screen, the screaming ladies loved it. No audio issues were stamping out this guy's star power.

After the next two numbers (one of them being "Just to See You Smile"), the singer introduced his band, "best damn band" in country music, he claimed. He proudly went through naming each musician with great gusto. McGraw sang a few more hits, including "Back When," with a little play on words. However, it was when he sang "You Are So Beautiful" that our hearts really got pumping. We couldn't help but be jealous of the ladies up front being serenaded or the lucky fan that got their paws on McGraw's acoustic guitar (seriously, not fair).

It was during "Highway Don't Care" when it appeared that the sound issues were totally resolved. Although we were disappointed that there were no Taylor Swift or Keith Urban holograms to accompany McGraw live, we were still pretty impressed by the guitar shredding provided by the guitarist.

"Let's take it back a few years," he said as he whipped out the classic "Where the Green Grass Grows," remaining silent while the audience sang the chorus. McGraw got the audience jumping up and down during "Indian Outlaw" and when the country man oh, so casually lifted his shirt, the screams became deafening.

The audience swayed with beers in the air during the guitar-heavy party anthem "Truck Yeah." But it was the feel good "Felt Good on my Lips" that really made the crowd belt out-of-tune lyrics. Hey, no shame. We were doing it too.

The concert ended on a high note with probably one of the singer's most famous songs, "Live Like You Were Dying." McGraw could have remained quiet and allow the audience to sing. Of course, we didn't want that to happen. His voice was a necessary part of the night's equation. As were those tight, ripped jeans. As for his shirt? We could've done without that.


One Of Those Nights

Real Good Man

I Like It, I Love It

Southern Voice

Red Ragtop


Down on the Farm

Southern Girl

Just to See You Smile

Better Than I Used to Be

Lookin' For That Girl

Please Remember Me

Back When

Keep on Truckin'

Meanwhile Back At Mama's

You Are So Beautiful...to me

The View

Highway Don't Care

City Lights

Where the Green Grass Grows

Two Lanes Of Freedom

Indian Outlaw

The Cowboy in Me

Truck Yeah

Something Like That

Felt Good on My Lips

Live Like You Were Dying

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