Tim McGraw Showed Class, Brantley Gilbert Didn't at Cruzan, West Palm Beach, May 10

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Gilbert took the stage around eight o'clock, rambling about being recently engaged and generally discussing the subject of rednecks with himself or whoever he is looking at in the first couple of rows. He has this badass thing going for him -- the kind that Kid Rock tried to establish for himself when he first hit the scene -- though it didn't seem to translate to much more than a parody of himself on Friday.

A chain hungs from the wallet in his back pocket as Gilbert moved from one alternative pop rock song to the next. After about three songs, he stopped the show to let everyone know that, "it's about to get real redneck in here." And the crowd went wild!. It was only about 8:15 by the time he's took his shirt off for a song called "Take It Outside "-- a testament to his tough guy efforts.

Gilbert is heavily tattooed and lacked the traditional western wear typical of most country stars. He spent the majority of his time on stage spewing unmemorable banter until he reached the subject of getting arrested, which quickly deteriorated into sounds of ignorance. The outcome of this rant amounted to nothing more than Gilbert hollering "I will shoot his ass!," as he hooted and hollered about the second amendment. All of this prefaced a song heavy in the style of Guns N' Roses, though not nearly as weird or entertaining as watching Axl on stage.

Gilbert didn't actually pick up an instrument until the very last song as he rallied what he called, "Gilbert Nation," appropriately signaled by a confederate style flag with those words scrawled across it. The flags are even on sale for a paltry $200. Small price to pay to look like an asshole.

And herein lies the difference between Tim McGraw and Brantley Gilbert.

The lights cut off, and silhouettes of the band took the stage, though McGraw's signature hat was nowhere to be seen. Just as the crowd seemed to grow restless enough, all sorts of excitement stirred from the back of the pavilion.

Just one flip of a spotlight, a big black hat started swimming though the audience from the back of the house. The gesture of entering the stage by trekking through the audience first, doesn't seem to have much of a purpose, apart from everyone being outrageously delighted to have a glimpse of McGraw up close. He wasn't singing yet, and the band was still just tinkering around on their instruments, but by the time he made it all the way to the stage, McGraw and company were already knocking out the opener, "Green Grass Grows."

Style, Brantley Gilbert, take note.

He stopped to mention, proceeds from ticket sales are donated to Operation Home Front, using his stage time to give the audience something useful to think about instead of ranting about shooting someone.

Class, Gilbert, class.

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