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Tim McGraw Will Rough You Up Before Discussing His Almighty Hat

A man with thirty number one singles and eleven number one albums who has starred in a handful of hit movies, possesses a pilot's license, and owns an island in the Bahamas, it's easy to say that Tim McGraw is so much more than just a one trick "hat act." But he does sport a pretty solid, black leather, Western style Resistol almost one hundred percent of the time as his most notable accessory.

When a hat like that becomes a man's trademark, it's easy to believe that there are some pretty incredible "best of" moments attached to the thing, but when New Times set out to pay tribute to Tim McGraw and his hat in anticipation for his upcoming show at Cruzan Amphitheatre on May 10, we were hard pressed to even find the man caught in a dialogue about his most famed attribute. Even more difficult was unearthing these moments on media outlets like YouTube or other social media sites. Tim McGraw seems to treat his hat like believers treat unicorns -- you know you saw it, you felt the magic, but if you mention it to anyone else, it loses its power or could disappear altogether. This would subject him to ending up just another face in the sea of otherworldly, and all too well kept, forty somethings in Hollywood these days.

Research on the subject elicited commentary from Perez Hilton about stealing Shania Twain's thunder when moving his Soul2Soul show with wifey Faith Hill into the Venetian Theater just days after Twain's own residency began at Caesar's Palace. Another article shows Tim McGraw randomly giving a fan the guitar off his back at a show with absolutely no context for doing so other than he got bored while waiting for Hill to pull off a wardrobe change.

There were heartfelt interviews about sobriety and the love of his life. Reasons to live, stuff like that. An article on PopSugar shows a flush faced McGraw/Hill braving a kiddy play date with Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow (such big news!), trading in his black leather hat for a knit beanie to protect his noggin from the London fog.

But that last bit of information was about as close as New Times could come to finding a conversation regarding McGraw and his hat. We think that's pretty mysterious for such a public figure and all the more reason we love him (even in Flicka). Just no word on the hat.

And then, like a Mack truck on the Two Lanes of Freedom highway, a tiny lead on how Mr. McGraw feels about his chapeau surfaced.

We don't condone violence, we love you Tim "McBrawl" McGraw:

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