Tim Reynolds

Noting the over-the-top adulation accorded his glamorous wife, Jackie, during their state visit to France, President John F. Kennedy was moved to remark, famously and facetiously, that he was the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris. In reality, of course, JFK didn't need an intro, but others who accompany famous folk often do. Take Tim Reynolds, for example — as guest guitarist and ongoing contributor to the Dave Matthews Band, he's been all but overshadowed by the band's namesake. That's a shame too; although the public at large may be unaware, those in the know will tell you Reynolds is one of the most dazzling musicians on the live circuit these days. Duly influenced by the masters — Hendrix, Santana, and Jimmy Page in particular — he began playing at age 12 and, after relocating to Charlottesville, Virginia, formed the band TR3. He eventually came to Matthews' attention and subsequently found himself a steady gig under the Matthew band's employ. Despite that increasing commitment, Reynolds has attempted to etch his own identity, thanks to a broad instrumental palette that includes bass, piano, sitar, violin, and mandolin as well as his standard six-string duties. In addition, he continues to moonlight with TR3 while releasing several solo CDs and sharing billing with his boss on various live collaborations. Drawing from a variety of genres — jazz, blues, rock, roots, funk, and world music among them — Rey­nolds exemplifies the method behind Matthews.

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Lee Zimmerman