Tim Reynolds, the Hardest-Working Man in Jam, Plays Roxy's Pub

It's common for musicians to juggle multiple projects at once, but few mount two tours at once the way guitar virtuoso Tim Reynolds does. It's not enough that he spends a good portion of every year touring with the Dave Matthews Band. He's got to spend his free evenings with his solo project, the TR3, sometimes to his detriment. Reynolds remembers a solo tour in 2008 in which he was so exhausted his performances were borderline unprofessional.

“When I first started touring with both Dave and the TR3, it was rough,” Reynolds said in a recent phone interview. “But over the years, I’ve learned to hone everything I do down into a workable schedule. Now it’s pretty straightforward. Once the Dave Matthews dates are set, we fill in my TR3 schedule. I learned the hard way not to stick too many things into my schedule and to leave a little space between tours before jumping back out on the road.”

This weekend, he’s sneaking in two gigs with TR3 at Roxy’s Pub in West Palm Beach between Dave Matthews Band concerts at Coral Sky Amphitheatre. There are musical similarities between the DMB and the TR3 — both are known for a loose groove and a freestyle delivery. But Reynolds tends to rock harder when he's playing under is own banner and the trio's edgier attitude and more tenacious approach helps distance them from Matthews' breezy folk-funk style. On a professional level, his roles in each band are extremely different, too.

With Dave Matthews, Reynolds only has to worry about playing the guitar. With the TR3, he's running the show.

“I’m thinking about songs, set lists, playing my guitar, and singing,” he says. “I love being with TR3 [because] I can control that. It’s the joy of my life. But, it’s easier to play with the Dave Matthews Band because it’s totally out of my control. It’s great to be a sideman, where I can contribute as much as I can to the music. Whether it’s with TR3 or Dave Matthews Band, I roll with the punches, as we’re all moving in the same direction –- making great music.”

Tim Reynolds and TR3 perform at 10 p.m. Thursday, July 30, and Friday, July 31, at Roxy’s Pub, 309 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. Tickets cost $15. Age 21 and over. Phone 561-296-7699.

Tim Reynolds performs as a member of the Dave Matthews Band at 7 p.m. Friday, July 31, and 7 p.m. Saturday, August 1, at Coral Sky Amphitheater, 601-7 Sansbury's Way, West Palm Beach, livenation.com, 561-795-8883. Tickets cost $31.50 to $76.

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