Tito Puente Jr., Issac Delgado Live Concert at Miami-Dade County Fair Tonight

Tito Puente Jr.
​"Go with your family, go with your friends, for good times, where fun never ends." If those lines sound familiar then you probably grew up hearing Youth Fair commercials too.

Well the fair dropped the "youth" and is all grown up now. That means beer, concerts, and dancing into the morning.

Tonight catch Jenny Love, and Tito Puente Jr. live as the opening acts for Issac Delgado, a dude who has played with the likes of Celia Cruz y Grupo Niche.

The show is included in your $9 admission, but check this out. Click here and print out the coupon, arrive before 5 p.m. and pay only $5 to get in.

Eat a donut burger, ride a roller coaster, win a stuffed bear and when the show starts, slam a couple of $7 Miller Lights (or sneak in a flask) and dance your ass off.

Dade County Fair
10901 Southwest 24th Street, Miami

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