Tobacco Road Taking Submissions for Femme Fest, November 6

Back after its run a decade ago,

Lilith Fair

hasn't fared so well this time around. Poor ticket sales have plagued the tour, forcing cancellations at 13 spots, including our own in West Palm Beach. But no worries, South Florida! We already have a festival celebrating the XX-chromosomed. Tobacco Road's FemmeFest, which takes place in November and is going on its fourth year, is putting out the call for submissions to stack its lineup. Only rule: Bands must include at least one female.

Those interested should send a bio, band photos, MP3s, affiliated websites, two email addresses, and two phone numbers to Tobacco Road promoter Queen of the Scene at Q_O_T_S@yahoo.com. Past participants have included Ex Norwegian, the State Of, and Astari Nite, all good choices. For me, a dream FemmeFest ticket (that would in some ways be more appealing than the actual Lilith Fair and would probably -- gasp! -- appeal to boys) would include Flees, Shroud Eater, BeingsSweet Bronco, Amy Shaw, the New, and Zombies! Organize!! I'm daring to dream.

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