Today in Strange Nightlife News: Scott Weiland to Perform "Mini Concert" at Mansion this Saturday

These Weiland-designed pants are pretty hot in an English dandy sort of way.
​Lest you ever be tempted to dance with the devil that is the opioid family, first let's play a little word association game. Okay: Scott Weiland.... What did you come up with? Probably nothing with a really positive connotation, right? Maybe the fact that he contributed the implosion of his old band Stone Temple Pilots, one of the biggest post-grunge success acts? Or that he was most recently summarily booted from our generation's supergroup, Velvet Revolver? Or that he may possibly boast more drug- and intoxication-related charges and rehab stints than musical hits, at this point?

Um, I criticize because I care. Weiland's whole skinny-androgyny-falling apart thing is a link back to rock and roll of yore, a little like Bowie gone bad, Morrisson gone worse. His talent for writing anthemic, cathartic, cryptic choruses still endears him to legions of hardcore fans. But remember, dope is for dope, kids. For real.

Still, this is America -- land of umpteenth chances -- and specifically South Florida, land of umpteenth-plus-one chances. And of course, as I've said before, any modicum of celebrity leads to lucrative South Beach nightclub gigs. And so it is that Scott Weiland will appear in Miami this Saturday, September 18 ... at Mansion! To debut a clothing line (of course)!

The collection is for English Laundry, and you can see photos of the pieces on this web site. (Strangely, the collection is very tie-heavy.) Mansion will fete Weiland and his clothes early in the evening, with an early "mini concert." Wonder who will provide the backing music, and from what era he'll cull his live selections? Old STP classics? The band, of course, reunited last year, so that beef is squashed. But it seems like with the acrimony between Weiland and his former Velvet Revolver bandmates, all those tunes are out.

In any event, this is a relatively easy in for Mansion, if you can

stand showing up way before peak hours. Admission -- and cocktails! --

are free from 10 to 11 p.m. You may not find as good a deal at the ultimate South Beach super-club for a while.

What we can highly recommend of that evening's entertainment at

Mansion, however, is the late-night deck takeover by Swedish house whiz

John Dalhback. If you want to hear some utter

Scandinavian-on-Scandinavian fantastic-ness, check out his remix of

Kleerup's "Longing for Lullabies." Click here to read more about


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Arielle Castillo
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