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Tommy Dalton Knows, "Being Into Country Music Is a Little Different" in South Florida

South Florida isn't known as a breeding ground for country music, but our climate did inspire at least one country singer in Tommy Dalton to pick up a guitar and belt out some tunes. 

Dalton recently recorded a new album at Hollywood's Sunflower Recording Studios. Now based in his new city of Nashville, he is actively shopping the album to several labels. Even in Music City though, the Sunshine State is often on his mind. 

"I've always loved South Florida. Every time I'm down there, everyone is so supportive." Dalton told New Times. "But a buddy suggested I move to Nashville in 2009, and it's been one of the best decisions of my life. Everyone eats and breathes music here, which forces you to really bring out your best." 

Dalton finds inspiration for the music he writes and performs everywhere. "From living life to other music to watching movies." This fascination with cinema led to him to compose soundtracks for five different movies and ultimately to an acting role in the film Changing Hearts, currently available on Xfinity on demand. "I played a musician, so it wasn't much of a stretch. But I'm a huge movie buff, so it was really exciting."

While most of the ten songs recorded for his new album were written by Dalton, one of them, "Oxygen" was written by a connection Dalton made while living in Nashville. "Brett James wrote 'Oxygen' for (Aerosmith's) Steven Tyler's solo album. I was lucky that Steven Tyler decided not to do that album because then he gave it to me." Dalton said. Brett James who had previously written number one hits for Carrie Underwood and Kenny Chesney had previously written for Dalton the songs "Something To Die For" and "It Don't Suck."

Dalton is excited by the strides he's made as a musician, and hopes he can be one small step for aspiring country singers throughout South Florida. "I know down there being into country music is a little different. Hopefully my songs are something everyone can enjoy."

To hear more of Tommy Dalton's music, visit His music is also available on iTunes and Spotify

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