Tonight! Gwen Stacy Leads Metalcore Bill at Ground Control

While Christian metalcore band Gwen Stacy takes its lyrical work seriously as a means to express

its beliefs, the music clearly nods to the more polished version of

metal as it conveys elements of hardcore. Posicore?

The band named after Peter Parker's girlfriend hails from Indianapolis

and is well-versed on the international touring circuit, undeterred by

lackluster reviews for 2008 album The Life I Know. Chuck that to

critics biased against Christian music. Who cares, as long as the

music's good? And 2009 follow-up A Dialogue fares much better in

those terms.

Keeping the metal going with another religious angle will be Canton, Ohio,'s Inhale Exhale, also doing the metalcore thing with equal

gusto. Expect chug-along riffs, chunky bass lines, and intricate drums

under clean vocals. Though a devil-may-care attitude could work, since

This or the Apocalypse is billed too, and it's nice to have choices.

Gwen Stacy, with Inhale Exhale and This or the Apocalypse. 6 p.m.

Monday, June 14, at Ground Control, 122 N. Military Trail, West Palm

Beach. Call 305-788-2718, or click here.

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Abel Folgar