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Tonight! Henry Rollins at Revolution

Crash into us, Henry
​Henry Rollins is coming in town tonight at Revolution (doors at 7 p.m.) to tell us a thing or two.

Before we enter his chamber of clarity, let's reflect on a few gems we've received over the years from this precious source for hardcore wisdom. The following selections come from Rollins' books: Black Coffee Blues, Do I Come Here Often?, Solipsist, The First Five, Eye Scream, Get in the Van: On the Road with Black Flag, and The Portable Henry Rollins.

Our top 10 Henry Rollins quotes after the jump.

1."Cockroaches are your gods. You are Weak...You could never live with the simplicity and beauty of the roach."

2."I got three letters today telling me that I'm God. Why can't I pay the rent?"

3. "That's when I'm on--when the beast is running through my blood. I can feel it and it's so good."

4. "A man drove himself insane...At least he was driven."

5. "Every word that escapes my mouth is a solipsism. Every move I make is solipsistic. Solipsist. Look it up, insect."

6. "You want to fuck, own, and kill as much as anyone else. And all that, is what we have in common. One tragic laugh riot. No such thing as heroes, just crazy motherfuckers with good press relations."

7. "You'll end up right where you're supposed to be. Don't be surprised when you get there. Everything you did was a step in that direction. There is no such thing as bad luck."

8. "Civilization has turned you into desperate animals in pain."

9. "If you stay away from people as much as possible, then you'll be alright."

10. "Keep your blood clean, your body lean, and your mind sharp."

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