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Tonight! Jeffree Star at Ground Control

To see photos from the show, click here.

Socially prescribed gender norms stay in place like brick walls in

the minds of most, so it's necessary to bombard such walls with

battering rams of deviance. A common and simple tactic for chipping away

at the bricks of prejudice is to sport a wardrobe typically associated

with the opposite gender; in other words, cross-dressing. Though most

guys don't have the balls to wear makeup and a dress, some out there do.

One such dude with the proverbial set is Jeffree Star. Star has

been crossing gender boundaries since his early years, playing with his

mom's makeup as a child. Since then, he's become one of the world's most

famous gender benders and, consequently, a huge battering ram (does

that image make you tingle?).

Millions have been following the online activity of the self-proclaimed "Queen of the Internet" since his rise to fame in the mid-'00s. Along with the general ability to stir up a crazed fan base and inspire legions to traverse gender lines, Star's talents include makeup artistry, modeling, and DJing as well as writing, producing, and performing music. South Floridians will have the chance to check out Star and his musical offerings at his upcoming performance at Ground Control (122 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach). Go straight there, wander queerly home. Doors open at 6 p.m., and tickets cost $12. Visit

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Travis Newbill