Tonight! Lightning Bolt Strikes Churchill's With Noise Rock

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Lightning Bolt is a two-piece band from Providence, Rhode Island. In the past 12 years, Brian Chippendale (drums) and Brian Gibson (guitar) have released four chaotic, spazzy art-metal albums that are metal only in the loosest way. Lightning Bolt songs are like crazy, wounded wildcats: dangerous and unpredictable, with jagged claws and scary fury (and speed and beauty).

The band, which sprang from the vibrant Providence/Rhode Island School

of Design noise scene, released its latest album, Earthly Delights, last

year on Load Records. As with previous efforts, Chippendale drums,

grunts ,and yowls into the microphone, and Gibson juggles picks, strums,

chords, effects pedals and feedback. (Their former third member, Hisham

Bharoocha, now fronts the fantastic Soft Circle.) On Earthly Delights,

however, the band has discovered the glory of hypnotic mantras,

stretching the frenzied bursts with repetitive passages.

"Transmissionary," the 12-minute capper, is one of the year's best rock


Chippendale is also a respected visual artist. His hardcover comic Ninja

is nearly the size of a flat screen, and the artist fills these

broadsheets with intricate and chaotic patterns and worlds. Each page

looks like the scribbles of a madman -- or a 6-year-old boy -- until you

examine the underlying order, the meandering narrative pictographs and

odd, funny personality at their heart.

-- Randall Roberts

Lightning Bolt, with the Laundry Room Squelchers. 10 p.m. Tuesday,

July 6, at Churchill's Pub, 5505 NE Second Ave., Miami. Tickets cost $10

in advance through Ages 18 and up. Call

305-757-1807, or click here.

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