Tonight!: Luna Rex + Thom Beals & Rob Chaney at Little Munich

Luna Rex are named after a ghost in their rehearsal space, and they're probably picking up on some wily, haunted voodoo magic, because these guys -- and one babe -- rock very, very soulfully. They seem like a bunch of wayward kinsmen; songs like "Travels From a VW Bus" and "Majic Table & the Story of the Luna Ghost" are nursery-rhyme-catchy stories about adventures, road trips, and spectral figures. Thom Beals is the mastermind behind folk set Yellow #6 -- melodic and catchy and mostly acoustic, and actually kinda' soulful as well. If you haven't been to Little Munich yet -- which is obviously blowing up -- you eventually will. Might as well get started now. Check out the Facebook event page for more info.

Luna Rex, Thom Beals, and Rob Chaney. 9 p.m. Saturday, August 14, at Little Munich, 806 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth.  Free.  Call 561-932-0050, or visit thehoneycomb.com/littlemunich.html

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