Tonight! State Re-Session Assembles Tight Hip-Hop Night Saturday

Local hip-hop label Footwork4Self has amassed an impressive lineup of

underground rappers for Saturday night's State Re-Session show at

Propaganda. In a few short months, this West Palm Beach

indie label has pounded the pavement for its two signature artists,

DJ/MC duo DJ Dee Dubs and Jabrjaw, and ruffian lyricist Protoman.

State Re-Session teams up Footwork4Self's pride and joy with Toki Wright

and Grieves & Budo, a couple of rap acts signed to one of the

foremost underground hip-hop labels in the country, Minneapolis-based

Rhymesayers. Footwork4Self has become rather chummy with Rhymesayers,

having just returned from a string of successful shows in Minnesota

with the soulfully smooth Wright. Wright's slick flow over Isaac Hayes-influenced

production has made him one of the Twin Cities' most acclaimed rappers.

Grieves & Budo will have many heads bobbing with their eccentric,

jerky beats. With this lineup, it's bound to be a night of alternative

hip-hop at its very best.

State Re-Session Featuring Toki Wright, with Grieves & Budo,

Jabrjaw, Protoman, Dee Dubbs, and Seamstar. 8:30 p.m. Saturday, June

26, at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. Tickets cost $10. Call

561-547-7273, or click here.

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Alex Rendon