Tons of Local Bands at the Legion Fest at the American Legion Tomorrow, February 6

legion fest flyer.jpg
​I am a sucker for cheap things with maximum value. Thus I'm happy to report that if you're looking for something to do on Saturday night that agrees with these trying economic times, and falls in suit with your need to party, Legion Fest seems like the best bet.

This will go down at the über-hip American Legion Hall and while it starts at 8 p.m., which might be a little early for some of you trendy types, it'll only run you five bones at the door. Also, the Legion's drink prices and specials are legendary on the cheap. For your listening pleasure, as coordinator Benjamin Shahoulian puts it, "If you like music, then you'll like" the two stages that will be set up boasting a grand total of 15 extremely diverse bands.

And people complain that music isn't active in South Florida. Bullshit! Of note, will be the pop sensations of Pocket of Lollipops, the punk and roll and debauchery of the Dyslexic Postcards, the psycho-electrodes of Aria Kamikaze, the facial hair of Dead Dead Bird, the computer-assisted rock of Static Moon, the experiments of Experiments By Mice, the grammar of Space Between Words, reggae/ska touches by Askultura!, the friendliness of Sam Friend, punkers To Be Hated, the long-named Telekinetic Walrus and the Pride of Ions, the naval assault of Armada!, and the stylings of DJ Skidmark -- a name I'll let stand on its own. A couple more acts will round out the fun so come on down and tie one on!

Legion Fest. Saturday, February 6. Harvey's By the Bay at the American Legion, 6445 NE 7th Ave., Miami. Doors open at 8 p.m., admission is $5. Ages 21 and up. 954-394-7264; harveysbythebay.com

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