Toothpaste Man Dancing at Ultra Music Festival 2013 Should Go Viral (VIDEO)

The entire of South Florida -- we're talking the people, the streets, the ocean -- heaved a sigh of relief after two weekends of EDM intensity came to an end when Ultra Music Festival finally closed the gates to their entirely-too-long rave.

For those who didn't attend, there isn't much evidence of what goes on inside, except for the slideshows and commentary we offered you from down the rabbit hole. What did surface, however, is an incredibly innovative man dressed as a tube of toothpaste doing some of the most incredible dance moves we've seen with un-dilated pupils.

We're talking brushing his balls good. Here is the video and five reasons this should go viral.

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5. That smile at :06. What a cutie! You just know he's going to bring out the best he's got from that fanny pack of old liquid dancing moves.

4. When he starts brushing his balls at the 30 second mark, that's clearly an inspired gesture of commitment to the bass.

3. At 39 seconds in when someone says, "Here he goes!" As if he hadn't already been goin' hard that whole time! Girl, pay attention!

2. By hitching up his tube suit, and setting his crack up against a raver girl, in what appears to be a gym outfit, he's referencing a rich history of South Florida booty dance (at 55 seconds).

1. At 1:16, when he pushes his glasses up, it's a moment of true humanity. We empathize with the man behind the toothpaste suit. It's in that second when we merge with each other, man at rave, person at home leering at the computer. We are one.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.