Top 10 Best 1960s Psych/Garage Bands from Palm Beach and Broward Counties

Ahh... It is so easy to look south to Miami-Dade and come away as bandits with these "genre" lists. While it is true that there always seems to be a larger pool from which to pick from down there, the current state of affairs in South Florida's music has made the actual pin-pointing slightly more difficult with many bands nowadays sharing members across county lines.

Back in the '60s and '70s, things were a little clearer, and Broward and Palm Beach counties had some serious homegrown talent. Some of these outfits were one-hit or regional wonders and many, thankfully, managed to record for posterity. Many didn't. There are a handful of compilation discs out there and online conservationists who have kept some of that music alive.

As always, this is not an all-inclusive listing, but rather a demonstrative grouping of some of the best talent these counties enjoyed in the '60s.

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Abel Folgar