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Top 10 Black Sabbath-Influenced South Florida Bands

Despite the dark skies left over the metal community in the wake of the recent passing of Deftones bassist Chi Cheng and the tragic and unexpected loss of Slayer guitarist, Jeff Hanneman, the announcement of a reunited Black Sabbath -- you know, the seminal dark lords of metal -- has managed to help keep the heavy metal masses smiling (with crossed arms, of course).

Even without legendary drummer Bill Ward thundering the skins, Black Sabbath is still fucking Black Sabbath, and considering the former lifestyles (or current for the recently relapsed Ozzy Osborne) and ages of Sabbath's members, we'll take whatever we can get at this point.

Birmingham's greatest gift to music will be adding to its hallowed canon with 13, its first new release featuring the majority of its original lineup since 1978. These guys will also be heading out on a massive tour in support the album. While our excitement is tempered by the lack of Bill Ward's involvement, we are still stoked to have them back for what is inevitably a final round of rituals before the boys settle into a proper retirement.

Being that we absolutely love any excuse we can find for a trivial "best of" list, we're going to throw the spotlight on some of our favorite South Florida bands that have shown a distinct Black Sabbath influence in their sound or aesthetic. The following list is in no particular order, and while we hope you troll the shit out of the comments section, please remember that this is but an opinion on the internet, and if you feel the urge to throw something inanimate in a fit of rage, Buzzfeed is a few URLs to the left and they have a plenty of cats and moronic memes to occupy your thoughts.

10. Cavity

Gnarliest of the incestuous quartet of bands that put Miami-bred sludge on the map is Cavity. A fantastic example of what happens when you take the sonic Sabbath aesthetic of fuzz and grunt, chop and screw that shit, and adopt the hoarse vocals of a Satanic demon. If you were planning on sacrificing a goat or lighting a neighbor on fire in the near future, this song would make an ideal soundtrack.

9. Floor

Next pillar in the house of sludge that Miami built is Floor. Floor and Cavity shared and swapped members at different points in the '90s and are closely related in many convoluted ways, however, each band provided a completely different take on sludge ecstasy. Floor's more rockin' assault had all of the chugging guitars, but were rounded out by Steve Brooks' inimitable vocals. It also featured "bomb notes," which utilize a slack-tuned bass string where the low E string normally goes to create a bottomless pit of chunk during a riff. Recent years brought South Florida a Floor reunion, and the group is currently recording a new album.

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