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Top 10 Black Sabbath-Influenced South Florida Bands

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8. Torche

The most popular band to come from Miami's sludgy quorum of 4 is Torche. Torche's sound has developed into an even more consumable extension of what Floor did, frequently referred to as stoner-pop by critics searching for a box to place them in. However, the band's output includes stuff on either extreme of the heaviness spectrum, ranging from bombastic muck to glorious rock anthems.

The above track is from the band's most recent EP, and makes us want to put our head through a fucking wall. While just about every heavy band on the planet can claim Sabbath as an influence, Torche's lumbering guitars and tom-heavy drumming is but a few branches lower on the metal family tree.

7. Holly Hunt

Holly Hunt is an instrumental duo from Miami that features former Floor drummer Beatriz Monteavaro on drums and Gavin Perry on guitar, rounding out the cult heroes of doom that hail from this swampy land.

While Holly Hunt is a relative newcomer, the band has received a strong showing of critical acclaim for its stripped-down approach to droning metal that is heavy and monolithic with an artistic and psychedelic flare. Seeing Holly Hunt live is as much a physical sensation as it is an aural one, thanks to Perry's unending amplifier lust.

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