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Top 10 Black Sabbath-Influenced South Florida Bands

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4. Shroud Eater

Shroud Eater is Miami's answer to High on Fire and Motorhead, plain and simple. Fronted by a duo of left-handed demon conjurers, Jean Saiz and Janette Valentine, this band sounds like dinosaurs fucking, but with a spaced-out twist. The new material we've heard live has shown a definite evolution in Shroud Eater's sound in a more refined direction from previous efforts. But the songs are still nasty celebrations of fuzz and double-bass drumming.

3. The Tunnel

What would happen if the Melvins formed a band with Pentagram? Or if Black Sabbath covered Rush songs? It would probably sound something like the Tunnel. Another intrepid duo, the Tunnel makes a mountain of sound via a guitar, some synth pedals, and Arturo Garcia's deft drumming. Definitely not for straight laced riff rockers, this band is adventurous and weird in the best way.

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