Top 10 Celebrities Turned Rappers: Metta World Peace and Hulk Hogan

History shows that it can take a good long while to really break through in the hip-hop game. This is true, even more so when rapping is your second attempt to claim some fame in this lifetime (#YOLO gone wrong). Though you may be a natural at wrestling, basketball, or singing like a chipmunk, that doesn't mean you also have it like Biggie. 

Even so, many celebrities have tried. Many have failed. Here are ten people famous people who felt compelled to follow their hip-hop dreams. 

10. David Faustino: Bud Bundy Becomes D'lil

In case you have a hard time taking Married With Children's Bud Bundy seriously as an MC, just take a look at his rap sheet. You'll see one charge -- a possession of marijuana misdemeanor. Then proceed to have no difficulty not taking him seriously at all again. 

9. Adam Jones: That's Pac-Man to You

Pac-Man Jones is such a bad rapper that he's come full circle (a la Gucci Mane) and it appears that the football player turned MC is, uh, a fucking genius...

8. Jay Billington Bulworth: Ghetto Superstar
...But not as genius as the plot of Bulworth. A U.S. Senator puts a hit out on himself, has a nervous breakdown, and proceeds to restyle his psyche, modeling it after that of a bonafide gangsta. Though a fictional character, Jay Bulworth raps better than every last politician in the real world.

7. Metta World Peace presents Malice in the Palace: Volume 1

Hey, at least we know Ron Artest can back up his boasts. There's little doubt we'll ever see MC Metta behind bars for a wimpy rapper arrest.

6. Hulk Hogan: Hulkamaniax Remix

Here it is ladies and gentleman, the exact moment Hulkamania hit its tipping point, jumped the shark, devoured itself, and then shat itself out in voluminous explosive excrement to the tune of "Real American."

5. Chevy Chase: Rapper's Plight

Chevy Chase is a freaking honky.

4. The Chimpmunks A.K.A. The Pimpmunks

Do you think creators of The Chimpmunks had any idea that the pitch of their talking rodents' voices would become a default filter for hip-hop? Do Alvin, Theodore, and Simon get a royalty check every time a chorus from an old disco song gets sped up and squeaky?

3. Macho Man Randy Savage: R.I.P. MC Slim Jim

Unlike Hulk Hogan, The Macho Man was a professional wrestler who also knew how to throw down some quality trap raps. In fact, if you told us this was a Young Jeezy album, we would probably believe you.

2. Shaquille O'Neal: 1, 2, Shaq Foo!

Shaq is whacker than craq.

1. Drake

Drake is our favorite non-rapper giving it a go. Nice effort, bro! 

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