Top 10 Most Ratchet Music Videos

Along with the terms "twerk" and "bougie," the word "ratchet" falls into the hoodrat category and spans across all genres of music and subject matter. In case you don't know what this means, please allow us to explain: It's the trashy sense of fashion that some people think is classy but, in reality, it's just plain trashy (see the infamous Urban Dictionary for a more specific definition).

Even artists like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have excelled at this sort of raunchiness. Because of this wide-spread epidemic, we decided to compile a list to hopefully differentiate between raunchy and wholesome tunes. Read on, but beware, some of this is indeed contagious, and not suitable to watch on your work computer or iPhone during tea with your Nana. Also, watch out for number ten, the most ratchet song of them all.

1. Christina Aguilera featuring Redman - "Dirrty"

This song was so dirty, was so nasty, it had to be spelled with two "r"s. Christina Agularia, who was Xtina at the time, embraced rachetness with her chaps, floor humping, and ill-suited dreads. Redman doesn't close to being as ratchet as Xtina, but does get dry humped by her at the end.

Tyga - Make It Nasty from Michael Stine on Vimeo.

2. Tyga - "Make It Nasty"

Tyga certainly did make it nasty with this song. It takes place in a sex-crazed mansion with plenty of nudity, lollipops, and naughty words. Make it ratchet? We think so.

3. Trinidad James - "All Gold Everything"

That poor puppy! We're a bit concerned. We have to admit that the little guy is holding up pretty well.

4. Lady - "Twerk"

This video is just the epitome of ratchetness, but hey, what else do you expect from a video called "Twerk?" First off, YouTube users have to be at least 18 to watch it. Secondly, there are ladies making their asses clap while dollar bills get thrown at them. Thirdly, Lady doesn't even twerk in the vid. Regardless, our hands are clapping along with the asses.

5. Miley Cyrus - "We Can't Stop"

Of course Miley made the list. It's the twerking, the excess partying, the tongue out... Girl, you so ratchet.

6. Sir Mix-a-Lot - "Baby Got Back"

Any song that mentions a woman's derrière is clearly ratchet, unless it's code for taking her out to dinner and listening to her talk, even if the talking involves deep-rooted daddy issues. However, Sir Mix A Lot is just talking about how he's an ass man. The giant butts in the video prove it.

7. Rihanna - "Pour It Up"

Throughout the video, RiRi sits on a throne, probably because she is the queen of ratchet. This point in proven as she shows off stripper moves in a finely formed spread eagle position. Flying dollar bills and a blue twerker puts the cherry on the raunchy cake.

8. Eric Pyrdz - "Call On Me"

Let's step in the time machine for an '80s course in ratchetness: Eric Pyrdz gives his techno rendition of Steve Winwood's "Valerie" to a group of pelvis thrusting sex pots while a lucky male gets to partake as a voyeur.

9. Nelly - "Hot in Herre"

Back in the bandaid days, before country collaborations, Nelly wrote what sounded like a ode to South Florida weather. Although this is one of the most tame videos on this list, it's the underground bump and grindfest that gives Nelly a rachet edge. Plus, this song inspired us to look in the mirror and say, "I think my butt getting big."

10. Michael Bolton - "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You"

Seriously, so ratchet. Those vocals, the way Bolton straddles that chair, the suit, his "just had sex" hair: How does this not have an MA rating? We can't even handle it, and that says a lot. Please, watch at your discretion.


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