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Top 10 Palm Beach County Rappers

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8. Muzik Jones Drew

It is hard to find an artist who hasn't had Muzik Jones Drew produce, sing, or rap on at least one of their tracks in PBC. Drew has his hands in everything.

As a kid growing up, he played drums for his local church. Nowadays, the Palm Beach County-native is working hard as 1Hot's manager, with Kloud Clothing, and on getting his music back in motion. And as one of the very few triple threats in the county -- producer, rapper, and manager -- Drew will be on your radar this upcoming year.

7. VanDam Bodyslam

Though he is a part of PCC, VanDam stepped out on his own recently, putting together a fan base for his solo work built on the local success of PCC and his July mixtape, So Whut It Dew: The Return. 

While Vandam offers listeners glorified trap music, he contrasts that glorification with songs like "LOR," on which he questions his friends' trustworthiness, and "My World" where he raps about his future with the lyrics:

Fuck stocks and a time share/Shit, I need time to get my mind clear/I done spent more than half of my time here/Yeah I love the hood but I don't plan on dyin' here,

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