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Top 12 Albums Turning 30 This Year

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Slade - Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply

Slade's one of those bands that just doesn't get the necessary amount of props it should outside of the UK proper. This album, first released in the Queen's territories in '83 with the highly un-American title of The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome got some shuffles and new cover art for stateside appetites. Let's ignore "Slade II" and give these glammers the props they deserve.


Fat Boys - S/T

There is very little we can say at this point without sounding like assholes but we do believe in the power of pizza, and we also preach moderation. We understand the excessive nature of the '80s, but sweet Lord, can you picture a "Fat Boys" for the post heroin-chic generations and the "health" outlooks of today? That's for another day, this is always a fun listen. Buff Love, the Human Beatbox, unfortunately passed away in '95 at the age of 28.


Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales

Switzerland, the land of cheese and timepieces. The sworn protectors of the Pope. Paragons and stalwarts of neutrality through hundreds of years of white, European conflict. If you're not picturing yourself sipping on some nice cocoa while gazing at the Alps, something is wrong here. Oh, that's right, maybe the fact that "Into the Crypts of Rays" is fucking awesome!

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