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Top 12 Albums Turning 30 This Year

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U2 - The Unforgettable Fire

Two things have come to light recently: a) during polite conversation recently, my friend and New Times' contributor Jesse Scheckner wondered at what point in time Bono became best friends, death-bed friends, with the original members of the Ramones, and b) how is U2 still a relevant outfit?

Well, we don't have answers for that but, as a band that has a history of releasing its music in tandem with portable devices (Walkmans anyone?) and their current nonconsensual takeover of the Apple iPhone 6, one has to wonder if its now almost four decade assault on the senses comes from decent albums like this or a secret pact with satan. We'll never know.


Hawkwind - This is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic

Recorded at the final Stonehenge Free Festival in the summer of '84, one should know, if one doesn't by now, that when Hawkwind's space/prog/heavy/jazz rock is in question, one mustn't under any circumstance, panic.

Let that be an Adams lesson if you so choose to seek the question that begat the 42 but while there may be varied musical disturbances during their long and often-times illustrious careers, this Ginger Baker-backed version of the band did a righteous rendition of tracks live that are thoroughly enjoyable today without lysergic assistance. Well, maybe a little tab won't hurt.


Soda Stereo - S/T

Ground zero for Latin rock, Argentina's Soda Stereo's debut album was proof positive for aspiring musicians throughout the Spanish-speaking world that it was okay to rock. Influenced by ska, punk, New Wave, and post-punk but with a cheeky twist of Latino humor, this is a flawless album. Longtime leader Gustavo Cerati passed away from respiratory arrest this month after being in a coma since 2010 following a collapse during a concert in Caracas, Venezuela.

A flawless album.

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