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Top 20 Signs You Spend Too Much Time in Fort Lauderdale

For 20-somethings and young-at-heart 30-somethings, Fort Lauderdale is brimming with more nightlife options than ever. Sure, the city still has a reputation for wife-swapping and wasted frat guys, but with the emergence of places like the FAT Village Arts District, Radio-Active Records, the Bubble, and Funky Buddha Brewery, indie-loving club types have many more hobnob options than just slugging three-for-ones at a Himmarshee dive and cursing Miami.

With so many options to choose from, one doesn't have to leave the 954 anymore, instead leaving us to overfrequent local haunts and develop an incestuous Broward County frame of mind. Could you be in that holding pattern?

Have you ever said: "Screw Wynwood. I'd rather just chill at Laser Wolf and check out what's going down at the Bubble." Has it been months since you've traveled north of Commercial Boulevard? If so, then you, my friend, may just be guilty of Fort Laudy abuse. What follows are indicators that you have a Fort Liquordale problem.

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Alex Rendon