Top 20 Thursdays: Top 20 Classic Hardcore Punk Songs

Old man wearing Descendents "Everything Sucks" t shirt.
​"It's been a few years now, we're going strong, we been through a lot of good and bad." - Warzone

This list of the Top 20 classic hardcore punk songs is fuckin awesome cause it's full of good shit, but it's terrible because there are way more than 20 top songs and so the list probably sucks as a list. Anyway, it's fucking awesome.

20. Murphy's Law - Sit Home and Rot

This is a song about getting getting drunk, smoking weed, watching tv, and playing video games instead of
leaving the house. Something everybody can relate to. Murphy's Law have been around a long fucking time, and they still are. Last we heard, a former Miami kid named Felipe is in the band. They play Churchill's every couple years.

19. Side By Side - Side By Side

"I see people all around me, all with visions of unity, but what I have yet to see, is vision turn to reality."

The fifth release by Revelation Records, was the Side By Side - You're Only young Once 7" in 1988. The label reissued the album as a digitally remastered cd including demo and live cuts.

18. Agent Orange - Bloodstains

"Bloodstains, speed kills, fast cars, cheap thrills, French girls, fine wine, I've lost my sense, I've lost control, I've lost my mind."

Agent Orange are still in the game and still touring and show a lot of love to South Florida.

17. Circle Jerks - Wild In The Streets

" 64' Valiant, handful of valiums, couple of beers really do me right, you better believe us, better trust us, teenage jive, walking wreck."

Circle Jerks are fronted by Keith Morris, who was once a singer for Black Flag. This is one of their best songs ever.

16. Dead Kennedy's - Nazi Punks Fuck Off

"You still think swastikas look cool. The real Nazis run your schools. They're coaches, businessmen and cops. In a real fourth reich you'll be the first to go."

Dead Kennedy's shows used to end in police riots where they'd beat 15 year old kids in the head with billy clubs for the way they looked and the music they listened to.

15. 7 Seconds - Young Til I Die

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  "You grew up fast, now you'll die soon. I'll never fucking be like you. You finish college, grab a wife. You're dead before you're 35."

7 Seconds have been playing this song for something like 30 years. They formed in Reno, Nevada in 1980.

14. Adolescents - Amoeba

"Uhmeeebaah, Uhmeeebaah, Uhmeeebaah, Uhmeeebaahuh, Uhmeeebaah, Uhmeeebaah, Uhmeeebaahuh."

Adolescents are a band that formed from members of Agent Orange, Social Distortion, and local punks. They still exist today, and are still fuckin' awesome.

13. Misfits - Where Eagles Dare

"We walk the streets at night. We go where eagles dare. They pick up every movement. They pick up every loser. With jaded eyes and features, you think they really care. I ain't no gotdam son of a bitch."

Misfits have one of the most recognizable, merchandized logos in music history. It's called the Crimson Ghost. The band still exists and still tours in a different version of its former self.

12. DRI - I'd Rather Be Sleeping

"In my bed crashed out. Slice of death wrapped up. All in wool passed out. Drunken stupid fool."

DRI stands for Dirty Rotten Imbeciles. They started in a bandmember's parents bedroom in Houston, Texas, and went on to pretty much invent thrash music. Still one of the fastest bands ever.

11. Suicidal Tendencies - I Want More

"Don't wanna pump nobody's gas - I want more. Don't wanna kiss my boss's ass - I want more. Don't wanna take the first job I find-I want more. Don't wanna dig coal out of a mine-I want more."

You may remember Suicidal Tendencies from a little show called Beavis and Butthead for another one of their much more popular classics, "Institutionalized," but this one's just as good. This band has always had heavy Los Angeles street gang credibility.

10. Gorilla Biscuits - No Reason Why

"No reason why to beat up on a poser skin. No reason why to keep the little kids from getting in. No reason why to take advantage of the people you know. No reason why, there's just no reason why."

New York hardcore lives forever.

9. Sick Of It All - The District

"A real rain is gonna come."

Sick Of It All are one of the greatest heavy music influencers of the past 20 years. This video sees the future. Spawn animator Todd McFarlane predicts a major event in this video before it happens. Creepy shit.

8. Descendents - Suburban Home

"I don't won't no hippy pad. I want a house just like mom and dad."

7. FEAR - I Love Livin' In The CIty

"My house smells just like a zoo. It's chock full of shit and puke. Cockroaches on the walls. Crabs crawling on my balls."

FEAR is still touring. They played Culture Room not too long ago. They were also the band to play the first televised mosh pit on a 1980's episode of Saturday Night Live with DC Hardcore kids fucking shit up on the set.

6. Minor Threat - Filler

"What happened to you? You're not the same. There's something in your head. There's been a violent change."

Living proof that independent music works. Lead singer Ian MacKaye is still co-founder and co-owner of Dischord Records in Washington D.C. and plays music with his wife as The Evens, who did a show a few years ago at the original SWEAT Records location that got wrecked by a hurricane.

5. Bad Brains - I Against I

"I said who's gonna tell the youth about the drugs. About the drugs, mugs, bugs, and the police thugs. About the rotten stinkin' rackets and the fantasies around the nation. Around the nation."

Bad Brains are another one of the fastest bands ever. They're style is rooted in the technicality of jazz fusion, the consciousness of reggae, explosive energy, and positive mental attitude.

4. Black Flag - Rise Above

"We are born with a chance. I'll die if I don't get my chance."

Black Flag is one of the original, town by town, nationwide hardcore punk rock breaking, forever touring in a van bands. Founder and guitarist Greg Ginn's SST Label is still active and last singer Henry Rollins is too.

3. DOA - Fuck You

"We don't care what you say. Fuck you!"

Vancouver, Canada's own DOA were one of the first bands to use the word hardcore to refer to their music. They were a major part of the American scene too, regularly crossing the border to do shows all down the West Coast of the United States.

2. Agnostic Front - Gotta Go

"I never seen no streets paved in gold."

Another band that's been there since the beginning and is still doing it's thing. Roger Miret also tours with his band The Disasters and is a Cuban with plenty family in South Florida. Agnostic Front is a non racist band that stands for unity.

1. Warzone - Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets

"From the East Coast to the West Coast, inside myself I can hear the screams."

Warzone, they are the best. Every song has a positive message.

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