Top 5 Reasons to Love Hall & Oates

Saying you don't like Hall & Oates is like saying you don't like air. It's just unheard of. It's completely irrational. In fact, it quite possibly could be considered un-American. Hell even Son of Sam murderer David Berkowitz enjoyed kicking back to some good ol' Hall to the Oates.

But if for some reason you are a godawful human being and will actually openly admit your hatred for the fantastic duo. Here is a slew of reasons why you should change your mind.

5. So many epic wardrobe choices.
Whether it be sequins, leather, cowboy boots or even leopard print, they love it all. This duo clearly has no restrictions on what they choose to wear. But, hey it works. Why? Because they're Hall and motherfucking Oates. Who is going to put them on the worst dressed list? Not us.

4. The notorious Oates mustache.
I don't know if there has been a better one. It basically deserves it own credit on the albums. Sadly, Oates has put his long time friend into retirement, but we still have our fingers crossed that he'll bring it back.

3. It's impossible to not smile when listening to them.
No really. We dare you to try. Maybe they'll even inspire you to break out in dance or ask that girl you've been crushing on to prom. 

2. Live From Daryl's House
This reason doesn't need much explanation. I'm no musician but I'd really like to get an invite to hangout on Live From Daryl's House. So Mr. Hall, if you're reading this, I'll be happy to attend and I'll even bring a bundt cake or a jello mold. Your choice.

1. Simply because they're Hall and motherfucking Oates.
They finish each other's sentences, they have a slew of hit jams, they have no drama. They are an unbeatable powerful force. Like Charlie says on It's Always Sunny on Philadelphia, "It's one guy, his first name is Holland, his last name is Oats".

Hall and Oates. Monday, December 5, at Hard Rock Live, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood. Tickets cost $49 to $79. Click here.

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Betsey Denberg