Top Five Goth Types at Green Room's Black Friday One-Year Anniversary

Slideshow of Black Friday's One-Year Anniversary

Green Room celebrated the one-year anniversary of its vampire-friendly weekly party Black Friday on, well, Friday night. All of the fabulous freaks and fetishistic fashionistas of goth came out to show their support and show off their niche looks.

DJs spun industrial, new wave, alt, and electronic mixes; burlesque performers Val Vampyre, Jezebel Red, and Lisa Ann showed their curves; and people postured for the camera. We captured five goth-types repping at Black Friday. Get ready for some drama, darkness, and stereotyping.

5. Punk Goth
These gothic goddesses present a classic look. It's a cross between '90s punk and nu-goth. They likely love the Cure and dream of one day becoming Robert Smith or his wife.

4. Burlesque Goth
These latex-lovin' ladies do it up from head to toe. They have the dark side of sexy down to a science. Tattoos and colored hair are key to the success of this look.

3. Nu-Goth
The nu-goth draws influences from a variety of things. This lady told us she was inspired by bondage and mermaids. Who'da thunk?

2. Future Goth
In the future, goths will look like this. Industrial meets minimal meets the opera alien from The Fifth Element.

1. Costume Goths
Sometimes traditional gothy garb isn't enough. These dark ones take their apparel-counsciousness to another level by creating characters. These personas have really fucking crazy closets. If James St. James and Marilyn Manson were able to reproduce, these goths would be their offspring.

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