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Top Five Local Bands to Catch at SunFest 2014

Did April sneak up on you? It's like the past few months have been one big blur. Now the sun is out and shining and SunFest is 'round the corner.

The last weekend in April means the same thing every year for a dedicated South Floridian: live music and long nights in downtown West Palm Beach. And while the Robin Thickes and Kid Rocks of the world will no doubt bring out the dancing queens and country kings to town, this is a key time to absorb those acts that make our local live music scene special too.

The bands that play in your backyard all year will also grace the SunFest stages. Take Surfer Blood, for instance. The band paid its dues as a local favorite before making it big on the indie scene and taking a piece of West Palm pride with it as it toured the world. This year, it's back at SunFest with a legit slot.

So, we wonder, who will be the next local band to come full circle? We can't quite crown the next victor, but we can do some serious contemplation. Here are our picks for the top five Florida bands playing SunFest 2014 that are ready to really make a name for themselves.

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Dana Krangel