Top Five Most Shocking Sharon Needles Moments of All Time

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5. Her "It Gets Better" PSA

"I'm thirty years old, I'm rich, and I'm famous, and I still get called a faggot every single goddamn day," Sharon concedes in a message to her fellow gays. As part of the It Gets Better Project, an initiative to help young people rise above harassment, the figure asks victims to channel bigotry into self-assurance. She says homosexuals can be anything they want to be -- thinkers, artists, and even short order cooks. And there's a real tearjerker at 0:36 when she pauses in recollection of the strife she's seen in the gay community. "Take all that pain that you get every single day. Take every time that you are called a faggot and turn it into something that makes you a stronger person," Sharon says.

Condragulations Ms. Needles, you are one fierce role model.

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