Top Five Most Shocking Sharon Needles Moments of All Time

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4. "412/724 Whore"

Pittsburgh prostitutes, stand up! Though she was raised in the cornfields of Iowa, Sharon poses as an unrelenting trollop who's blown every soul in the Steel City. After a cheap potential customer offers her ten bucks for a good time, Needles retorts, "What do I look like? Mahogany? I am Sharon Motherfucking Needles!"

A montage of promiscuous, streetwalking scenes ensue as she rhymes maxims like "Gimme ten dollars and I'll take a poop, on your new Armani suit," and "I blew a Jew in Squirrel Hill/In Shadyside I teabagged a fag." Damn, the girl's left her mark all over her new hood. The queen signs off with a brilliant diss: "I'm Sharon Needles, and you're a needle dick." She's a Pittsburgh prostitute, and baby there's no substitute.

3. Flesh is for Zombies!

Needles is quite the mover and shaker. In her campy PETA spot, the ladyboy dons a bleach blond wig and matching gown drenched in fake blood (with an amputated, plastic metacarpus casually fingering her bosom) as she advocates vegetarianism, insisting dead things should be buried and not eaten.

It's easy to stomach grotesque images of slaughtered cattle with Sharon Needles as preacher; she delivers a harrowing message of gory animal abuse with her trademark hilarious zing and occasional cackle (and delivers a witty quip when the hand falls off her chest). Sharon even name drops the Miami Zombie!

We're sold. "Any time I have an excuse to just dump an entire bucket of blood on me, I'm always game," Needles reveals. Now that's intense.

2. Her first Drag Race win

Though she would go on to be season four's "Next Drag Superstar," Sharon's first challenge was her drag television breakthrough. The goth queen owned the runway in a cadaverous gown and piercing milk-white eyes. But the highlight of her walk? An unexpected cascade of faux blood that gushed from her mouth mid-strut. At the end of her hemic stride, RuPaul summed it up: "Gingivitis never looked so good."

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