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Top Hipster Poolside Tracks for a Balmy Florida Winter

As the rest of the country copes with increasingly frigid temperatures and the threats of a nor'easter, we're here in South Florida enjoying the heat. Coupled with a nice breeze, our winter weather allows us to potentially enjoy Thanksgiving meals by poolside (jealous?).

South Florida's lack of seasonal variance is a major sticking point for some residents who claim it's too hot all of the time, and that a bit of snow "might be nice." Not us. County Grind knows not to look a gift horse in the mouth. County Grind knows that your cool friends in Brooklyn are actually chilling while you're, uh, chilling.

With Art Basel -- Miami's art annual epitome of hip -- rapidly approaching, we're feeling some super cool vibes to go with our lovely November weather, and being that we're a benevolent and loving music blog, we're going to provide you with a soundtrack for your hipster poolside hangs.

Don't forget to wear sunblock and maybe consider buying a swimsuit somewhere other than American Apparel, because we both know it's been done and you can do better. Oh, and try not to get any stuffing in the jacuzzi.

5. Washed Out - "It All Feels Right"

Washed Out has become the chosen poster band for pseudo-shoegaze, semi-ambient, and honestly decent hipster pop. Portlandia, a show virtually premised off of jokes about hipsters, used Washed Out's hit "Feel it All Around" as a theme song, and the cover art from that album (Life Of Leisure) is actually just a photo of a young woman swimming. We're going with a track from the band's most recent release because if you're not current, you're definitely not hip.

4. Tanlines - "Yes Way"

Between the band's name, the song's Epcot Center synth drums and breezy minimal chorus, the vibe here is as South Florida approved as could be. Tanlines is from Brooklyn, of course.

3. Poolside - "Harvest Moon"

Oh? You thought Tanlines had the best name for a purveyor of hip aquatic jams? Wrong. Poolside performed in Miami a few months ago and really should consider relocating and getting a job at the Standard as a house band. Aside from obvious reasons, we chose the band's kind of unfortunate cover of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon," because it's really good -- even if we hate to admit it.

2. Blood Orange - "Can We Go Inside Now"

Blood Orange (also known as Dev Hynes) is a cult hero to droves of dance jam obsessed hipsters. However, Hynes' resumé includes session work for legends like Nile Rodgers, writing work for the likes of Solange Knowles and Florence and the Machine, and a small discography of groove-driven, '90s nodding brilliance. Blood oranges also happen to make for a delicious addition to any boring cranberry sauce. Enjoy!

1. Beach House - "Take Care"

One of the most popular groups making dreamy surf pop with a twist of synth, Beach House might well be one of the standouts that history will remember beyond the trend. This syrupy twinkler is the sound of day drinking in a chlorinated fall haze.

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