Top Seven Anti-Consumerist Songs

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3. "Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock" - MC Lars 
Attention parents of disengaged teenagers with facial piercings! Self-purported originator of post-punk laptop rap, MC Lars, makes your holiday shopping list that much easier on this track from his 2006 album The Graduate. Take note 'rents, Misfits candle tins, ICP throw blankets, and Beaded Elvis curtains are not punk rock. Got it? If your kid has a soul, avoid Hot Tropic entirely. 

4. "The Busy Girl Buys Beauty" - Billy Bragg 
Scathing-folk Brit rocker Billy Bragg takes a stab at the advertising industry with this alluring sing-a-long off his '83 debut EP. We wouldn't expect anything else from this outspoken singing socialist. 

Mainly, he probes at the notion that happiness is for sale, and the reality that companies tell us what to buy. Are the deals really that amazing folks? Are we really that mindless that we need to jostle throw the hordes this Friday? Why not wait until Saturday (or Christmas Eve like we do) to begin your Holiday shopping? We wonder what skeptical criticisms Billy Bragg would have of our country's massive Black Friday delirium? 

5."Merchandise" - Fugazi
"What could a businessman ever want more than to have us sucking in his store," yelps Fugazi singer Ian MacKaye. The DIY D.C. band captures the punk ethos in this anti-consumerist anthem. This track succinctly address the corporate masses, with the the idea that the youth will not be sold to. We can't say that rings true, however, when we think of how many 'tweens out there have coerced their parents to wait in line for hours in order to buy them the newest
Playstation Vita.

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Alex Rendon