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Top Ten Best Uses of Beach Boys' Songs in Movies and on TV

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7. Karen - Karen Theme Song

The Beach Boys got roped in to sing the theme song for this 1964 NBC sitcom about a 16-year-old girl. Fortunately the Beach Boys weren't as lazy with the song as the producers were with the opening montage.

6. American Graffiti - "Surfin' Safari"

Before Wilson Phillips, McKenzie Phillips eerily appears on the screen while the Beach Boys "Surfin' Safari" is on the radio. Brian Wilson's two daughters make up the other two-thirds of WP.

5. Roger and Me - "Wouldn't It Be Nice"

In Michael Moore's first documentary, he juxtaposes the severe poverty of Flint, Michigan, with the yearning hopefulness of the Beach Boys' harmonies.

4. Top Secret - "Skeet Surfing USA" medley

This 1984 comedy by the team behind Airplane! and The Naked Gun is about a U.S. pop star played by Val Kilmer who gets caught in Cold War high jinx. But the plot isn't as important as the jokes. The first of which is a Beach Boys medley about skeet shooting while surfing.

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