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Top Ten Current Bands That Should Be Famous

We recently surmised which local bands should have made it big. We probably missed dozens -- no, hundreds (including your particular favorite band, of course) -- of acts that deserved a rightful spot on the list, but we're only human. Don't hate just because we judge; that's what we're paid to do.

Anyway, before you start throwing rotten tomatoes at your computer screen, we drafted yet another nifty list that's sure to percolate even more divisiveness throughout Broward and the Palm Beaches. Today's list? Ten current local bands we feel have the goods to strike gold.

Do not be shocked if, after the jump, you'll see bands that haven't been around too long, haven't released much material, or are still in high school even. Our decisions were based on acts that have a certain sound, a major budding talent, or simply emanate that fucking rock and roll star vibe that gravitates people to them. We weighed those sentiments over how many years a band's been together, how amazing their promotional arm is, or how many Facebook fans they have.

Don't egg our cars, please.

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Alex Rendon