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Top Ten Dive Bars in Palm Beach County

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4. Sneakers Bar and Grill

Sneakers is yet another bar on our list that caters to those finicky individuals who prefer Budweiser over pancakes for breakfast (we wonder though, what if there were a pancake with Budweiser syrup option?)

Sneakers is open from 7 a.m. to 5 a.m., except on Sundays, when it opens at noon. On Dixie Highway, it is down the street from Harry's, but lacks the charm of its renowned neighbor. The owners have tried hard to change its seedy taproom reputation, but like white on rice, Sneakers is still the preferred hangout for Lake Worth's sketchiest.

Speaking of white, in the men's bathroom, you might see a line of people waiting to use the toilets only, with a couple of urinals unoccupied. We all know nobody really takes a crap in dive bar toilets. Despite a new shiny alpine wood-looking bar, plasma TVs, and electronic dart games, cheap Bud Lights remain Sneakers main draw.

3. Turn 3

A love of NASCAR and bandanas is de rigueur at this rundown joint in West Boca. Located inside the Sandalfoot Plaza shopping center, Turn 3 takes the checkered flag for most smoker-friendly venue on our list.

Judging by the level of chain smoking inside, It would seem as if smoking is not only acceptable, but also rewarded at this cozy venue. Stock cars is a common thread here, with spinning rubber tires affixed to its ceiling fans and race car driver posters aborning every wall.

Sure, it could probably use a fresh coat of paint, but no other spot offers such an escape from Palm Beach County reality. Stepping into Turn 3 is like stepping into West Virginia itself. The regulars here sport more T-shirts with Dixie flags than anyplace we have seen south of Stuart. Happy hour prices are solid with $1.75 domestic drafts and $2.25 well drinks too.

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