Top Ten Moments of Musicians on Fire, Rock 'n' Roll Infernos, and Pop Pyromania

Yesterday we reported on musician/producer/DJ Sonny Moore -- known across the Internets as Skrillex -- lighting himself on fire like the monk on the cover of Rage Against the Machine's first album.

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- Skrillex Goes Up in Flames Trying to Blow Out Birthday Candles

Ever since we read about Moore's hilarious b-day burnout, we couldn't help but feel like we'd heard this story before.

That's because we have. Rockers, rappers, and, clearly, even Sonic the Hedgehog sound-and-look-a-like dubsteppers have all been there and done that. And there's usually even YouTube footage to prove it.

Here are the top ten musical moments of famous dorks on fire.

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Matt Preira