Top Ten Musical Monster Videos of All Time

Spooky time is upon us once again! Most use Halloween as an excuse to dress like assholes, getting belligerently drunk and howling obscenities into the night. We are no exception. Everyone needs to blow off a little steam. Who are we to judge your slutty bumblebee costume? Or that slutty Pocahontas getup? Whatever helps you get your rocks off is more than fine by us, you slutty apple, you.

To set the mood for said spooky time, we present this list of musical monsters, because... Well, this is a music blog. Scrounged up from the broken battlements of our castle in BroCo, this countdown is not for the faint of heart. Be forewarned: Dancing inmates, a singing turd, and Porky Pig lay waiting to collect your soul after this jump. If you are pregnant, or have a preexisting heart condition, tread carefully.

10. Animal vs. Buddy Rich 

One is a maniac, the other, an egomaniac. Both hold their own, however, when they go head to head in the drum battle of the century. Decide for yourself which one is the monster. 

9. "Puttin' on the Ritz"

Here, Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle perform Irving Berlin's seminal classic: "ERWERNERMELERNERFFHER." 

8. "Jeepers Creepers"

We couldn't find a clip of just the ghost singing, so enjoy the whole Porky Pig cartoon. Singing starts at 3:38 in case you are an uncultured swine who doesn't appreciate fine art. 

7. Indian "Thriller"

When it comes to movies and music videos, Indian-anything is always better. They take Western ideas, and then awesomize them tenfold. This version of "Thriller" will leave you asking: Michael Who? 

6. Curry's Spooky Song

Before he was a sweet transvestite, Tim Curry was just your regular ol' singing-warlock-principal of an all-witch-boarding school. One wonders if the casting director for Rocky Horror saw this and immediately yelled to his assistant: "Get that man's agent on the phone!"


5. Slaughter House Rock

The '80s were wonderful in an awful sort of way. Everythingisterrible.com presents us with the best clips and quotes from Slaughter House Rock, a movie that never needed to be made.


4. Zombie Workout

Here is something you don't see every day: A blonde outsmarting anything. We kid. This valley girl does some quick thinking to save her own life while keeping the walking-dead fit and firm. 

3. The Great Mighty Poo 

Of course you remember Conker's Bad Fur Day. It's the Nintendo 64 game that had cartoon animals cursing, drinking and doing drugs. This is the first boss fight of the game. 

2. Mighty Boosh's "Eels" 

Just about every episode of Mighty Boosh had a song with some monster singing and dancing. It was hard to choose between Old Greg's "Love Games," Bollo's song about getting high, or Parsley's "Call of the Yeti." We decided to go with "Eels." 

1. Prison Thriller

Here are some Pilipino inmates doing an amazing rendition of the dance from the American version of Indian "Thriller" (see #7). We're still not sure if dancing zombies are scarier than dancing felons.

Bonus Monsters!

"Monster Mash"

We know someone would've had a shit fit if this wasn't on the list.


Beetlejuice's "Shake Senora" 

Wynona's just the cutest little klepto ever. 

Bollo's song about getting high

Just because.

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