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Top Ten Thursdays: The Top Ten Guitarists Right Now

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7.  Robert Randolph

Sacred steel superstar Robert Randolph has brought a style of music mainly only known to House of God parishioners to the masses. His jubilant tone makes even a cynic like me a believer every time I hear him play. Here he is covering MJ's "Billie Jean" earlier this year in concert.

8. Jack White

The hardest working man in rock and roll sings, writes, drums, produces, forms a new band almost annually and plays a mean guitar. Here's the new millennium blues "Ball and Biscuit," live at VH1.

9. Angus Young

AC/DC returned with a vengeance on last year's Black Ice, the band's best album in nearly two decades. Young continues to come up with roaring riffs that -- unlike most metal and hard rock sonics -- make ya wanna shake yer ass! Here's the new album's crushing hit single, "Rock N Roll Train" from June concert at Wembley Stadium London.

10. Tom Morello

As skilled acoustic player and most innovative hard rocker, Morello continues to impress with his new act, the Street Sweeper Social Club, featuring the Coup's rapper Boots Riley. Here's a snippet of SSSC covering M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" in Tampa in May. I covered the gig and recall how their brief opening set proved much more powerful than the bloated, nostalgia-trip performances by co-headliners Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction.

And here's full performance of the song, in much better quality. Dig how Morello recreates the cash register ring!

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