Torche Covers Guided by Voices on New Split With Part Chimp

The marvelous Miami metal men of Torche, who released our No. 3 favorite local album last year, are impressing us again. This time they're covering a trio of songs by the Ohio lo-fi behemoths Guided by Voices for their side of a Chunklet-commissioned split 12-inch with London noise act Part Chimp. This actually makes a lot of sense when you consider Steve Brooks' gorgeous, stadium-ready voice, and there's proof!

Updated: Stream "Exit Flagger" from the split here.

The songs in question are "Exit Flagger" and "Unleashed! The Largehearted Boy" from GBV's 1993 fuzz-terpiece Propeller and "Postal Blowfish," a fan favorite from that same era that was an outtake from the storied Bee Thousand sessions (and later added on its 2004 reissue). Why the guys didn't try their hand at "Christian Animation Torch Carriers," we will hopefully find out soon.

The split came about after the Georgia-based music humor magazine Chunklet staged a 20-band showcase during South by Southwest five years ago. Torche and Part Chimp intermingled and likely said something of the "have your friends call my friends, and we can be friends" variety. And a half-decade later, friends called back!

This release is the ninth limited-edition Chunklet has put out. Only 500 copies exist, and it ships November 5. They can also be purchased on the bands' joint tour. More information here.

For a taste of what's to come, here's Torche covering "Exit Flagger" and "Unleashed! The Largehearted Boy" live:

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