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All you Kruder & Dorfmeister fiends, take heed: Some new shit has arrived from those illustrious Austrians. But don't get too worked up -- this isn't exactly new new. Each album is a remix of the 1999 album Suzuki by Tosca, a duo made up of Richard Dorfmeister (the "D" in K&D) and Rupert Huber, a classically trained musician and Dorfmeister's childhood pal. Together, the two make lazy, luxurious music that's remarkably similar to (if a little less congested than) K&D, emphasizing warm, atmospheric arrangements and midtempo head-nodding beats. Suzuki in Dub is composed of ten remixes of five songs from Suzuki by underground funk, dub, and jazz enthusiasts, including Burnt Friedman, Austrian duo dZihan & Kamien, and the UK's Baby Mammoth. The Different Tastes of Honey contains 15 reinterpretations of the Suzuki song "Honey" (actually one of the weaker Suzuki tracks, so go figure); a slew of wildly varied "dubs" range from the brash Markus Kienzl dub through the twinkly, broken-beat vibe of the Funky Lowlives to the sunny, breezy element of the Azoia dub. If you dig on the hazy, cinematic sounds of Tosca, then by all means, pick these bitches up. Just don't go in expecting to be knocked off your ass.
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