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Tour Diary: The State Of Reports From the Road

​Hello everyone! We've been traveling the country for about two weeks now
and here it is summed up:

The fall is starting to settle, the leaves are changing and the cold weather is kicking!!!  Layers are very essential at this point. The lowest temperature we've hit so far has been 33 degrees. But, neither of us have gotten sick yet so that's always good.

We've played in Georgia, North Carolina, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa. Clubs, bars, coffee shops and basements. Been on mountain tops and driven through mountain caves. See lots of deer, eagles, vultures snacking on road kill, gofers, wild turkeys, birds, cows (that we couldn't help petting_, horses, etc. Driven through many corn fields, in which we've recently found out that most corn grown in the U.S. is not human corn, it's for livestock. Good thing we didn't camp out in a cornfield and have corn for breakfast. Slept in an attic, on a farm, in a haunted house and in the van only to wake up surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains.

We ran into some friends from Miami (Rachel Goodrich, Geneva Harrison

and Jeffrey James) in Omaha, Nebraska, of all places, who are also on

tour! We've been surviving on lot's of PB&J, pizza and a bad run in

a vegan restaurant. Visited a vineyard for a tasting in Missouri and

slid down some fun slides like little kids in Nebraska. Some new stage

tricks have been acquired along the way. And the art of Parkaur has

been applied every where that we go! All the people who we've

encountered in every town has been so great to us and we feel very

fortunate to be loved in many places.

There is more to come, so keep an eye out for our video blogs and we'll

be writing some more blogs to entertain the brain. The State Of loves you!

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