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Train's "Drive By" Beats "Hey Soul Sister" But That's About It

Some people reading that headline will probably think they've stumbled

upon the ultimate pop song. (Especially Grammy voters.) Yes, Train is

back with a brand-new invention, "Drive-By," and it should be nearly as beguiling as their comeback single "Hey Soul Sister" was a couple years ago. Unfortunately, this rings out with a snappy acoustic hook (no ukelele, impressively) that will echo in a Denny's bathroom near you in a couple months -- but that doesn't mean that we have to like it.

For a refresher, read Village Voice's assertion that "Hey Soul Sister" was the worst song of 2010. It'll give you the blow-by-blow of what Train actually sounds like and why that particular song is so unforgivable. And pay attention to the critique "The lyrics represent the weird hippie fantasies of a yuppie toolbag."

Speaking of bags for yuppie tools, these lyrics from "Drive By": "Oh I swear to ya/ I'll be there for ya/ This is not a drive-by/ Just a

shy guy/ Looking for a 2-ply Hefty Bag to hold my love/ When you move

me/ Everything is groovy/ They don't like it sue me/ Mmm the way you do

me..." Plus: "On the other side of a downward spiral/ My love for you went viral." Is the piece of toast in your hand now a ball of mushed up in your fist?

Anyhow, Train drummer Scott Underwood was a pleasant enough guy to talk to recently, but he actually said this: "We were kind of in it for the money. Then we took that break and we found the soul again." A longer break was obviously required. We still can't believe our reporter had the stones to pretend that Weird Al Yankovic created a "Drops of Poopiter" parody.

From Train's site:

As promised earlier this week, we had a little surprise up our sleeves (and some of you were able to figure out what it was, so pat yourself on the back)... We here at Train aren't feeling very patient, so we've decided to let the cat out of the bag early for you. So without further adieu, may we present to you our brand new song "Drive By" from our upcoming new album. We hope you enjoy! Be sure to tell us what you think and we can't wait to play this for you again on the road. The song will be available on iTunes on January 10th!

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