Trash to Treasure Event Brings Experimental Rock to Pompano

A bounty of local and semilocal musicians will converge upon Pompano Beach's Edge Logistics — a killer name for a venue — for the Trash to Treasure event Saturday. With Orlando's Emily Reo and her gossamer melodies plus soundscape virtuoso Sumsun leading the way, the night's potential to take the post-Thanksgiving brain rot and turn it into a shiny crown of enlightenment makes for a serious draw. Also passing the artistic stuffing: locals the Band in Heaven, Love Handles, Guy Harvey, Hear Hums, and Evan Mui. Orlando's Great Deceivers, Dark Sea of Awareness, and Philip Seymour Hoffman, plus Totally Nebular from Gainesville, are also booked.

In a much-needed medley bringing together environmentalism and local music — or the former slightly hidden by the latter — part of the $5 donation to this massive show will go to Trash to Treasure, the event's organizer. Trash to Treasure is a Fort Lauderdale-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to collect reusable materials and redistribute them to be used as "valuable educational and artistic resources."

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