Travulous and Friends Spread Cosmic Cheer at The Bubble's Holiday Market and Musical

If you don't know Travis Newbill, you should. Tall, rangy, towheaded, with thick, Coke-bottle glasses, Travis makes a visual impression as soon as you meet him. And unless you have met this writer, musician, Buddhist, it's hard to explain the soothing energy he gives off. A citizen of the world, Travis will be here, then in New York, then at remote yogic retreat in Colorado, and back again in the time it takes you to drive work five times. 

He's a music-making, occasionally gender-bending, costume-wearing, soul-soothing, all-accepting guy, and everybody's best friend. If a group of Tibetan monks showed up one day and told you Travis was the Buddha reincarnated you'd say, "Yeah, sure. I can see that."

He's probably the only person who has written for New Times almost as much as we've written about him, wandering into our office at the odd moment, always with a smile. He is a fixture of the local scene. To know Travis is to love him -- which sounds nauseatingly sappy, but there it is. So, like we said at the beginning, if you don't know Travis, you should.

And you'll get your chance at the Bubble this Saturday if you attend the third-annual Travulous and Friends Spread Cosmic Cheer Holiday Market and Musical. If you need a little zen in your hectic holiday season, a little time to stop and soak in some warmth and goodwill and all that sincere, happy crap you're normally too busy and jaded to enjoy, you'll find it here.

Travis, as awesome as he is, doesn't throw this fiesta alone, of course. There will be a holiday play, a market, plenty to eat and drink, and live music provided by Beach Day, Cosmic Cheer Band, Dr. Martino, Mylo Ranger, and The Le'mons.

Providing the sweets and treats will be Undergrounds Coffeehaus, Frankie Dogs Gourmet Veggie Dogs, Source Food Truck, and Sugared Sweet. There will be almost two dozen vendors in the market place and a full house of art created by local artists.

Tell Travis we said hi.

The third-annual Travulous and Friends Spread Cosmic Cheer Holiday Market and Musical runs from 7 p.m. to midnight, Saturday, Dec. 15 at the

Bubble, 810 NE Fourth Ave., Fort Lauderdale. $5 cover from 7 to 8 p.m.

and $10 from 8 p.m. to midnight.

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